Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tot School For Ce Ce has begun!

The baby of the family, Ce Ce is now 16 months and so I will begin to document her "Tot School" learning activities as well:). She LOVES doing school like her big sisters. Honestly, she loves trying to do anything her big sisters are doing.

For a long time, I have tried to use her 30-minute nap times to catch up on the harder homeschool activities for the bigger girls, or do messy crafts that are too advanced for Ce Ce, so it will be nice to see the fun things she does get to participate in!

Using the Aquadoodle pad to do some drawing and stamping.

{Please excuse her mismatched attire---trust me, by the 3rd child, I am just glad she has on clothes, LOL}.

Such a happy little learner!
This is one of our absolute FAVORITE books! I have used it with each of our children and they all have loved it as babies/toddlers! It is great for teaching babies about their body parts.
Ce Ce is showing me her hair.
Now, she is showing me her belly. She does such a great job with this! She will show us her nose, tongue, mouth, hands, arms, legs, knees...
Ce Ce LOVES trying to sing her ABC's to this leap frog learning toy! 
Practicing her home economics skills already! LOL. God has truly blessed her with an extra helping of helpfulness:) This girl loves to clean up! She sings the "clean up song" every time she cleans. It is so, so cute!
I sure hope she still loves to clean when she is 12!

Working on getting her poker chips through  the slot in the top of a yogurt container. This is really good for developing hand-eye coordination, visual discrimination and strengthening her pincer grip for pre-writing skills.
Every time she hears the chip "plink" at the bottom, she says "oooh!" LOL. Too cute:)

Here Ce Ce is stringing large wooden beads. She absolutely loves this! 
This is a great concentration-building activity! I have found that the earlier I can teach our children to sit and think through playful learning activities, the better prepare they are to participate in a more structured learning environment.
Having fun playing with the shape blocks with fillers. She has fun exploring them and we tell her about the various shapes, sounds and colors.
Em still loves these, too:)

Working with the "Open-Close" Basket. We have a variety of different closure activities for her to play with. The older she gets, I will add in zippers and snaps and more difficult closures for her.  This is a great way for her to learn about cause and effect!

Trying her best to work with the tongs. Em was working with them and she practically begged me to let her use some, too! OK, girl---slow down already:) Stay my baby for a bit longer!

Working with the stacking cups.
She'd figure she would use them for real cups, lol. 
"Hey, Mom--there's nothing coming out!" Ha, ha. Such a happy girl. I really don't know how she is so happy on such little sleep. Mommy sure could use some extra zzzz's. 
Ce Ce loves to draw and color! She loves to mimic anything the big girls are doing.
 Elle, showing Ce Ce how to make a leaf rubbing.
Elle was so proud of her---such a great and encouraging big Sister!! I praise God for the relationship and bond our girls have!
Ce Ce helping Mommy find new recipe ideas.
I love it when she is all cuddly and wants to hang out with me.
One of my favorite things----she grabs my whole face and plants huge kisses on me! I love it:)
I sure hope she doesn't grow up too fast...


Rachael said...

she is getting so big, we are doing alot of the same things with my youngest, I am also planning on getting one of those aqua doodles. Would you say its worth the money?

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Yes, Rachael--I would definitely recommend the Aquadoodle mat!!! We actually found ours at a thrift store for only $1.91 and in perfectly new condition! If you can find one like that, it is totally worth the money! We also have a travel one we take in the car-the kids LOVE it, too:)

Thank you so much for your kind comments! I always appreciate when someone leaves comments on my blog!


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