Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Our Pumpkin Lessons!

We are having a ball exploring all of our fun, fall lessons!
The latest unit has been all about PUMPKINS!!

Our Bible Memory Verse.
The girls had a lot of fun decorating this little pumpkin!
 We recently took a trip to the Pumpkin Patch---we had a great time as a family!
Prior to cleaning out our pumpkin seeds, we read this book and the girls filled out their "Pumpkin Prediction Page."

 Seriously, so much FUN!
 The seeds from our large pumpkin on the left, our small pumpkin seeds on the right.
 We roasted our pumpkin seeds and enjoyed them as a snack.
I try to spare you the worksheet pages. Elle is currently working through a 1st grade math workbook and loves it! She has been studying number lines, addition and subtraction and odd vs. even numbers.
For breakfast one day, I made the girls Pumpkin Egg Toast.
Elle working on her "Parable of the Sower" Bible Story Book.
Reading the pages and putting them all in order.
We made some incredible Pumpkin Butter in the crockpot!!
The recipe called for maple syrup----so amazing!
The girls all enjoyed some PE in the bounce house while waiting on the pumpkin butter to cook!
It's so cute and fun now that the baby is confident enough to play in the bounce house with the big girls:-)
Ta Da!! Delish!!
I also threw together a quick Brown Bread. It is really healthy with whole wheat flour, oatmeal and flax seeds!
So, so good!
Everyone LOVED the brown bread and pumpkin butter. We shared it with our neighbors as well!
We also made some homemade butternut squash soup! A Fall Favorite in our family!

My lunch---yummo!!
We also did "Sink or Float" pumpkin experiments.

 Working on the "Life Cycle of a Pumpkin".

 The girls also made pumpkin life cycle plates.
Our decorated pumpkins and our mini pumpkin pies!.
The girls get free time where they can choose anything they want to do. This time, Elle was coming up with math equations while I was cooking lunch!
All on her own-so proud!
 The girls wrote stories about their pumpkins.
 Ce Ce, learning along:)
We spent some time on "weights and measures."
 Elle's Pumpkin Story.
 Art Fun-decorating mini pumpkins.

 During Em's free time, she drew a picture of us holding hands. I think we were going shopping together, lol.
 The girls cut pieces of string to estimate the circumference of their pumpkins and then measured them to compare their results.

 We also made Pumpkin Play Dough. It is so easy-just toss everything into the pot. We even added glitter!

The girls love playing with the warm play dough. It smells so good and is so smooth! The orange color really turned out perfectly, too!

We took another trip to a farm with our Homeschool Group friends.  It was a gorgeous fall day and the girls really had a fun time with their buddies:)
"Pumpkin School!" Just another example that "learning can take place ANYWHERE!"

Elle had a ball giggling with her girlfriends on the long wagon ride:-).

Em picked out the perfect little pumpkin!

 Thank you so much for checking out our blog!
We hope you stick around and share some ideas as well!
We always appreciate your kind comments!

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Elle Belles Bows said...

Wonderful post (as always)!

Love your verse and the pumpkin butter sounds so good!!



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