Friday, October 7, 2011

Our Fall Windows w/ Trees!!

The last time we decorated our front windows, we welcomed in Spring with flowers and sunshine. 
 You can view that post here. {Where DID the summer go???}

Using that same idea, we decided to decorate our front windows in a fall theme!
Some projects, I allow just one of our daughters to work on (or parts of it). This time, it was Em's turn to make all of the coffee filter leaves. 
 Just lay out some coffee filters on top of paper towels. I like to put mine on cookie sheets to minimize the mess. Drop food coloring on each coffee filter.
 After putting drops of food coloring on each coffee filter, we sprayed them with clean water. {we repurposed an old bottle we had}. You want to saturate the filters so that the colors run together really well.
She really enjoyed this special "Mommy and Me" time and I loved watching her work!

Let the coffee filters dry overnight.
This is what they look like once they have dried.
 Now both girls will help to cut out the leaves. Elle (5yrs old) did more helping with this. I gave Em the cut up filters to practice her cutting skills with:)

Here are the leaves all cut out of coffee filters!

 Now............WARNING----I am NOT an artist!! Far from it!!! My degree is in Financial Management and my experience is in Pharmaceuticals. Did I mention, I am not a good artist? OK. Good. You have been warned, LOL. 

I simply used some brown Tempera paint and painted a tree trunk and branches on the windows. {TIP: I like to mix in a tiny bit of liquid dish soap so it comes off the windows a lot easier when washing it off}.
Once the paint dried, I let the girls attach the leaves using tape.

 They LOVE it!!! The bright sun shining through the colored leaves is so gorgeous!!
 We hope our guests will smile when they see it and feel warm inside as we welcome in Fall 2011!!


Pip said...

oohhhhhhhh how lovely! i might try something like this on the conservatory windows. very effective. well done you lot! xx

Rachael said...

oh I love this one very creative, I think we are going to have to do this one. And thanks for the tip about the dish soap.

Jackie Higgins said...

That looks great! I love the coffee filter leaves. I pinned those on my pinterest board :)


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