Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Fun Festivities!

This year, we have decided to make a "Fall Fun Festivities" To-Do List!!!
Our girls had so much fun coming up with fun ideas of fall activities! Elle even suggested making a list for EVERY season since we can find so many fun things we would like to do! I think that is a GREAT idea:).

 Elle pulled out her Creative Writing Journal and started writing out suggestions. She also made pictures to go along with her ideas.
 Em isn't spelling and writing words yet, but she did her best to come up with lots of fun ideas and draw her ideas on paper:)
 Elle cute little pumpkins:)
 Em working hard to put her ideas on paper.
 Elle's "carve a pumpkin" idea. Below that are the pumpkin seeds we are going to roast.
 Elle helped me assemble the to-do list on a piece of yarn using fall-ish silk flowers we got at the Dollar Tree.

 Here are some of the things on our Fall To-Do List." 
  1. Visit a nursing home and bake cookies for the residents
  2. Go to a pumpkin patch
  3. Carve/Decorate pumpkins
  4. Go on a fall nature hike
  5. Make homemade apple cider
  6. Make dehydrated apple chips
  7. Visit the apple orchard and pick apples
  8. Go on a hay ride
  9. Go to our church's harvest party
  10. Collect food for the Food Pantry to feed the less fortunate
  11. Make a "thankful tree."
  12. Make homemade apple sauce
  13. Roast pumpkin seeds
  14. Make crafts with corn, pumpkins and apples
  15. Make a pumpkin pie
  16. Read library books about fall
  17. Participate in a Fund-Raising Walk for Juvenile Diabetes (in honor of our friends' child)
  18. Jump in a pile of leaves
  19. Bake pumpkin muffins for our neighbors
  20. Make homemade apple butter.
We shall see how many we can get done!

What fun fall things are you all going to do? Please share!!

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Rachael said...

you all came up with some great ideas, I am going to have to book mark this. So far we have done alot of apple fun, we were not able to go to the apple farms but when we went to the lake we did get to drive by alot of them and we could smell the apples it made us all want to go home and eat some fresh apples. I love fall, I hope yall get to tackle alot of your list.


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