Friday, October 14, 2011

Apple Lessons & Mini Apple Pies{From my Kitchen}

We love the fall and we love studying apples! We are having so much fun, it hardly doesn't seem like hard work, LOL. {Well, at least to the kids, it doesn't.}

Here are some of the highlights of our Apple Lessons. Enjoy!

This is always the most important portion of our Homeschooling--our Bible Studies! This week, we introduced the concept of the Holy Trinity to the kids. I just started with the basics and will go into more details as they mature.

Elle reading our Bible Memory Verse.

Here are some of the books we used during this unit.  I really praise God for our library-they have so many amazing resources!
You really can't talk about apples without teaching on Adam and Eve. The girls both worked on mini-books about Adam and Eve.

I decided to purchase a dehydrator after reading several reviews and getting feedback from friends. I am really happy with our purchase! The girls love dried apples!
They are so simple to make-and so healthy!!
Our science spotlight was on A is for apple. It worked out perfectly for this lesson!

We sliced an apple and studied what affect air, lemon juice and water had on it over time.
Here, the girls are noting their observations-they LOVE doing a science journal! I tried to get the girls to move onto something else, but Em HAD to journal her observations before we could do anything else:) That made me smile inside.

Here are the books we used in the second portion of our unit study.
This time, we went less healthy:) We decided to make mini apple pies!
Making the dough from scratch. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.
Filling the muffin tins. I guess it is a bit better to have built-in portion control, LOL. Plus, we were able to share some with our friends!

Aren't they adorable? They turned out so GOOD! It was the first time I had ever baked an apple pie. Can you believe that?
We went a little crazy and drizzled some caramel sauce on them:) We're rebels, ha, ha!
The girls LOVED them!
You should totally try them! Here is the recipe. Let us know how they turned out!

Em worked on size discrimination by sorting apples.

The girls and I made some homemade apple spiced play dough.
We used a whole lot of red food coloring and even put in some glitter!

Here is the basic play dough recipe I always use. It is really simple to make!

Isn't the glitter pretty? We used cinnamon and some pie spice to make it smell really good, too!
One of the other important lessons we discussed is how something can look a bit unpleasant on the outside but be really, really good on the inside. We talked about how God does not want us to judge ourselves, or others, by what they look like on the exterior. God searches the heart and we should be more interested in how we act and how others act as opposed to how they look.

We got this apple from a friend. It really does have a weird looking outside. But, let me tell you, it was SOOOOOO good tasting!!! We couldn't believe it! I had fun showing it to the girls. At first, neither one of them wanted to try it--just based on how it looked. Once I cut it open and they tasted it, they loved it and wanted more! What a great life lesson!!!

While perusing Pinterest {have you seen all of the wonderful ideas on there yet?} I came across the idea of dipping apple slices in pancake batter and cooking them. I thought it sounded interesting, so we gave it a try!
We buy the all natural pancake mix from Trader Joe's. I made it up and added some vanilla and ground cinnamon to it.
I peeled, sliced and cored the apples and just dipped them in the batter.
I just used Canola Spray the cook them in. 
They were FANTASTIC!!!
We don't eat syrup on our pancakes, but I did make some cooked apples to have with them and it was the perfect combination!!

Here, you can see the slice of apple on the inside of the pancake. So cute!

All of the girls gobbled these right up! Daddy almost didn't get any:)
We also made some fun apple crafts!

Some cute little A is for Apple trees with red tissue paper apples.

I found this cute little poem that reads "Eat an apple, save the core, plant the seeds,
and grow some more!".
 We went outside and did some apple stamping with washable tempera paint and apples cut in half.
Elle did an amazing job reading us a book about apples!
 We also reviewed the concept of fractions. This was not new for Elle, but was new for Em. She enjoyed learning about them a lot!

And, of course, eating more apples!

We hope you enjoyed our apple unit! Thank you so much for stopping by and please leave a comment if this has blessed you!


Messy Kids said...

Those apple pancakes look delicious! Going to give that one a try. Thanks for sharing your wonderful apple lessons on It's Playtime.

Carolyn said...

Loved reading through your blog and your profile. Certainly 3 gorgeous little girls, every moment is precious, enjoy every one.

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Thank you SO much, Messy Kids and Carolyn=we greatly appreciate you taking the time to comment:)


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