Monday, May 28, 2012

Homeschool Highlights {May 2012}

We have been very busy in homeschool as we prepare to wind down our official school year!

 Em working on some rhyming flash cards while getting ready for ballet and tap dance class.
 Ce Ce still loves to work with homemade play dough!

 More outside play time.
 Em spotted some new caterpillars!

 Our future veterinarian!
 Em loves drawing with the window markers!
 Transferring carrots with tongs.

 Elle practicing her typing.
 Ce Ce putting plastic chips into the top slot of the yogurt container.
Great fine motor skill activity!
 We made apple and pear chips in our food dehydrator!
The girls LOVE these!
Em was impressed by the cross pattern that formed.
 Ce Ce really enjoys playing with the potato heads.
 My favorite recent photo of my family!!!!!!!!!!
This was on our wedding anniversary!
Seven wonderful years down-a lifetime to go!!!
 Elle at her Homeschool Gym class.
 Em is too young to participate in the gym class, but Elle's coach lets the girls play around with the equipment between classes. Em is definitely a natural born athlete!!! 
She has got muscle like Serena Williams!

 Elle really wanted to start learning how to prepare some more foods (including cooked food:).
She has been asking me! 
 She was so proud of her scrambled eggs with cheese---and they were very, very good!
 Em always is eager to assist with making breakfast.

 Paint time!!!
 The girls are creating a Nature Bag to use when we go on walks.
 One of the things they made for the bag is a painted egg carton.
They go on walks and try to find something that matches the painted color on the egg carton.
This has proven to be tons of fun for the girls!!
 I am so happy to see Ce Ce turning into a happy reader as well.
{They get it from their Mommy}!
 Em working on some domino math--she really loves math as well!
 Em is 3.5 years old and working on writing out equations!
Just one of the reasons I love homeschooling our children!!!!!
If they show an interest in something-we can RUN with it!

 Em practicing writing her numbers.
 Ce Ce had SOOOOOOOO much fun with cornstarch!
 No way I can be upset about the mess when she is buttering me up
with this cuteness:)!!
 One of the gigantic leaves Elle found on one of our recent nature walks.
 The girls had their Ballet and Tap Recital and both did amazingly well!!
 We took the girls to a local carnival/fair and had so, so much fun!!!
 We sliced up some fruit and had some fun making various shapes.
 Elle is signing "I Love You."

 Elle is working on 2 more file folder games from Mama's Learning Corner.

 Ce Ce had fun exploring with the split peas. I cleaned them up for a week! LOL.

 And, somehow, when I wasn't looking, Ce Ce turned 2!!!!!!!!
 Our homeschool group took a tour of a local bird sanctuary.

 During out outside play time, Ce Ce had fun pointing out all of the letters on the sign and Em tried her best to read the words. She sounded them out really well!

 Ce Ce got a new bubble machine for her birthday and we took it to Homeschool Gym to play with it with her friends!

 Em doing beginning sounds worksheet. She has always excelled in this area!
 The girls asked if they could have a slumber party, so I moved Em's bed into Elle's room for one night.
The girls did NOT get one ounce of sleep-but they had lots of fun and made happy childhood memories!
 This is the book Elle sleeps with in her bed and reads it 
It is a detailed medical book on pregnancy, childbirth and newborns.
If/When she becomes a physician, I am definitely putting this photo in her graduation slideshow!

 Em can count orally to 100 really, really well.
She is now working on number recognition past 20, so I designed a new game for her.
 I put animal crackers over some random numbers on our 100's chart and she had
to name the missing number before she could eat the animal cracker--she LOVED the game!
 Em helping me to make zucchini tots!
 Our girls eating lunch in the dining room.
They are just growing up so, so fast!!!

 We love going to the library!!!
 Elle takes her wheely cart and fills it with books to read. 

 Ce Ce, enjoying her favorite breakfast-organic yogurt parfait with fresh strawberries
and blueberries and granola.
 Ce Ce also loves oatmeal!

 Em really had fun making her math flower!

 Elle's math flower!

 We also put our magnifying glasses in their nature bags. 
The girls really enjoy exploring nature.

 Em really enjoys working with our abacus.
She can add from 0-10 on it!

 Of course, having all girls, I indulge them in "Spa Days" from time to time. LOL.

 Elle 2nd math flower. This time I made it much harder-it was still easy for her, though:) LOL.
I had the abacus ready for her to use, but she didn't even need it!
 Fashion show time!

We really enjoy our homeschooling and infuse FUN every chance we get!!
Be a Blessing,


Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Your girls are so cute. Happy Anniversary btw! Your girls are having a wonderful time learning. I think we all strive to do the same!! XOXO

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Kayla, I am just seeing this comment for some reason. SORRY I missed it!
Thank you, again!!!


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