Thursday, July 19, 2012

{Summer Highlights} Part 1

Our summer has been fun, busy, and full of ups and downs!

It has been H-O-T here! We have tried to spend time outside when the weather has allowed. We always love being out in nature! 

Here are a few highlights of our summer thus far:

~By far, Ce Ce's favorite outdoor activity is water play! She could do that all day and all night, LOL.
~Our family traveled to Georgia to visit my mother and grandmother and other family. We had a great visit!
~We suffered through extreme summer thunderstorms and lost power our a four day stretch. We ended up going to a hotel and the girls LOVED it---me, not so much, LOL;) We did have a lot of fun and were able to re-set our priorities and God's grace abounded during this difficult time.
~One of our closest friends had a beautiful baby boy---we love snuggling with him!
~Our girls went to Vacation Bible School and had an amazing time learning about Jesus!

~We love dining al fresco----the girls enjoy eating breakfast on the back deck.
~It is not summer unless the girls run through the sprinkler!
~We took our girls to a local carnival fair and ate funnel cakes-it was so much fun!
~Playing at the park is also a favorite family activity!
~We enjoyed the fireworks from the back porch of a cousin, so the girls were in their jammies:)
~We take our girls downtown to a family friendly park that has a carousel---the girls LOVE it! {Too bad it is not free!}

~Elle has started working on Multiplication in Math---she LOVES it!!
~We are counting down to Em's 4th birthday!
~One of our Bible Memory Verses has been "The joy of the Lord is your strength!"
~Ce Ce loves working on transferring! 
~Elle and I have both started "Gratitude Journals." They have been so beneficial and we LOVE sharing our journals and what we are thankful for each day!!! {I recently read "1000 Gifts" by Ann Voskamp and it was life-changing!!}
~Em has been reading using Starfall and really, really enjoys it!
~I finally decided it was time to teach the girls to sort their own laundry--they are having a lot of fun doing this chore!
We have been studying poetry and the girls have been writing their own poems. I will have to share some of them later-they are really very creative!

Well, that is some of what we have been up to thus far.
How is your summer coming???  Anything fun going on with you??

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