Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our Farm Unit

As a follow up to our {HEET} Tour of the 1800's Living Historical Farm, we did a unit study on Farms!
Our Bible Verse for the week. 
We planted some seeds we got from Girl Scouts (sorry, no pics) and talked about what we expect to harvest from the seeds we planted. 
We discussed how important it is to work towards the end result that you want and not expect something positive to come from negative, etc.
 Some of our farm library materials.
 I printed this adorable "Clip and Learn" activity from 1+1+1=1
 Em had a great time matching the Farm things to their beginning sound letter. 
 Size sorting of tractors.
 Em had fun matching the animal puzzles correctly. But,
she had even MORE fun mis-matching them, LOL.
 Elle worked on beginning sound letters.

 Elle enjoyed the farm puzzles. 
She does all of her "big girl" school and then wants to do Em and Ce Ce's tot and preschool work, too! LOL.
 Matching baby farm animals to their mothers.
 Elle working on a coloring math sheet that was about garden veggies.
Ce Ce loves this farm puzzle!
 Elle working on some handwriting.
 Em has started learning about patterns. 
 Elle's math worksheet.
 Playdough fun for Ce Ce!
 Matching numbers of apples on trees.
 Nothing like spending time outside in nature-we LOVE it!

 Not farm-specific, but we LOVE the Free File Folder games from Mamaslearningcorner!
 The one is "Matching the Opposites." 
Em doing more worksheets. She really loves having her own school work to do!

It was a fun week!
Be a Blessing,

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