Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Money and Time Lessons

We spent some time studying Time and Money.

Elle has always enjoyed learning about time and basically taught herself how to figure out the time on a digital clock. I remember when she was 3, she told me, "I watched my clock change and figured out how long I am in my room at night." We thought we could "trick" her into sleeping in a bit later by changing the time on her clock-but, she wasn't fooled! Ha, ha!! {She has always been an early bird!}

Bibe verse for our Money Lessons.
 Elle reading about money and how we use it to buy things.

We have a strict "no credit/debt" policy in our household. 
We practice living within our means and that leads to obedience to God and financial freedom. 
We believe in using only Debit cards or cash for purchases(NO CREDIT CARD BALANCES)
 and we take time to save up 
for big purchases, like {used} cars and things.  
We believe it is important to pass these principles onto our children and teach them about tithing, delayed gratification, and saving.

 I made this little money book from some online worksheets I printed off.
 Elle really struggled with remembering what a nickel is worth since it is larger than a dime, but worth less.
This was a bit tricky, but she got it!

 The, I made a sorting tray with labeled cards that I assembled and then laminated.
 Em had a fun time separating and sorting the coins.
She kept wondering why the Penny (which is the lowest amount) is the only brown one.
 I made an extra worksheet and let Elle create her own Money Book.
 This tool really helped her learn the amounts for the coins.
Anytime she can "do it herself," she learns it way faster than me "teaching" her.
I try to live by this quote in our approach to homeschooling.
I don't want to teach by "memorization" solely, so it is important that our children get a more "hands-on" approach to learning. I could go on forever, but I will just say, this is dear to my heart and I want to raise thinkers who know how to
figure things out through natural processes (and a structured environment), all while having FUN!!!
Em had a great time washing the money.
It was a great lesson on dirt, grime and germs as well:)
 Way too much fun happening over here:).
 Not only did Elle learn the values for each coin, but she also
become proficient in adding and subtract coins!
 Our Bible Verse for our Time lessons.
 After spending lots and lots of time explaining analog clocks,{did I mention, lots of time}
Elle was finally ready to start putting the hour and minute hands on the face of a clock.
 Em had fun working on writing her numbers from 1-10.
 Ce Ce spent some time "reading" our books about time.
 The girls enjoying some homemade whole wheat banana bread.
We played a game while it baked where we asked each other what time of day different activities typically take place. We also set the timer and then added up the minutes on the clock to estimate what time the bread would be ready.

 The big girls  made Hickory Dickory Dock mini-books.
They love making little books:).
 I slipped these money worksheets into plastic page protectors so that Elle
 could practice them over and over again.
 She getting it---and ENJOYING it:)!!!! {My favorite part}!

Some additional books we used during our studies.
We REALLY enjoyed the book "It's Not What You've Got!" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.
I bought this book a long time ago because I really loved the values that it teaches kids about money.
Be sure to check it out!

Be a Blessing!

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