Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rainbows and Colors Unit

We love colors, though, our girls' favorite colors are pink and purple:). Yes, they wear a lot of pink. Hey, it makes the laundry a lot easier, lol. 

We studied colors and the rainbow. Here is the wrap-up. Enjoy!!
Our Bible memory verse for the week.
We had a rich discussion on how God keeps His promises!
We were even lucky enough to catch a few rainbows in our front hallway from our 
windows in the front door. 

 The girls all really enjoyed our rainbow fruit kabobs!

 We rarely eat food coloring, so I made an exception for this lesson.
We made Rainbow Toast using Organic Rice milk with food coloring in it.

 We read the book "I Can Eat a Rainbow" and gathered all of the colored play foods we could find.
 What a gorgeous rainbow!
We needed more purple and blues!

 Elle learned what ROYGBIV stands for and decided to draw what her interpretation of Roygbiv is.
What a creative little girl!

 Elle still loves creating math triangles with fact families.
Elle's vocabulary worksheet.

 We made gorgeous rainbow waffles!!

 We learned about primary colors and secondary colors.
I put blue, red and yellow glittered paint into ziploc sandwich bags.

 The girls had a wonderful time experimenting with making secondary colors!!

 This was the perfect activity for Ce Ce. She does not like to get messy:).
 We went on a nature walk and collected various items.
We painted the pinecones-the girls loved this!!!
 Em's worksheets on colors.

 Another wonderful free file folder game from mamaslearningcorner.

 Elle is really improving in her spelling and vowel usage!
Not perfect, but making progress!
Be a Blessing,

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