Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

We LOVE spring time in the Midwest! 

We love being outdoors and the spring time is just a beautiful time here! 

So, we had to change out our window mural in order to reflect the change in the season.

First, the girls had to paint the coffee filters.
I used some beautiful glittery paints and just watered it down a bit.
Of course, Elle wanted to watch a triplet delivery on Youtube while she painted hers:)
 The big girls did most of the hanging, the baby was too busy reading her Elmo workbook:).

 I wish you could see how beautiful these look in person. The sun shining through with the glitter just makes such a wonderful and cheery entrance to our home! 
We love it!
 Elle had fun making me a flower bouquet out of pipe cleaners.
Thank you, Sweetheart!

Spring is my favorite season, so I take advantage of being outside as much as possible!
 I took this picture of a gorgeous sunset in our neighborhood. 

And....with Spring comes "Spring Cleaning!" Elle really helped me with the indoor Spring Cleaning this year! I welcomed her eager assistance!

 We pulled out all of our outdoor play things and the girls got busy cleaning their outside play house, slide and water table toys.

 Elle is so disappointed that she can no longer stand up inside of the play house:(.
She has grown up so much in the past year!
 Ce Ce got a little over zealous with the soapy sponge.

 We made homemade sidewalk chalk and headed back outside!

Just take 1 cup of corn starch add 1 cup of water and tint with food coloring.

Easy and inexpensive FUN! I love that:).

 Em seriously just LOVES life. I envy and admire her personality and happy disposition. 
She is a true delight and the sweetest girl you would ever want to meet. She will give you the shirt off of her back. I am tearing up typing it, but she really is just so sweet!!

 Em letting Ce Ce take her sidewalk chalk. 
See, I told you she was sweet:).

~~~Happy Spring!!!~~~
If you wonder where we are, we are probably playing outside or out exploring our great city!
Be a Blessing,

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