Thursday, March 22, 2012

Water Beads~Our Latest Favorite Thing!

I am constantly on the lookout for new and fascinating sensory and learning materials for our homeschool. 
Recently, I came across Water Beads and, after reading up on them on several blogs, decided to order some online.
Trust me, it was WELL worth it!!!

 For an added dimension on sensory play, add a big dollop of shaving cream!

 Ce Ce is NOT big on getting messy, lol. She had to use a spoon!

Ce Ce couldn't wait to wash her "messy" hands off!
 Elle had fun comparing how many water beads it took to fill up various measuring cups.
 Ce Ce loves to scoop, pour and transfer the water beads.

 She will just sit with a bowl of water beads and explore for a few minutes.
All of our girls LOVE the water beads!!

The water beads come in teeny tiny packages of even smaller beads that are hard. You soak them in water for several hours and they plump right up. They are bouncy, slippery, cool and smooth feeling.!

Order MORE than you think you will need!
Let me know if you all get them and how they turn out!

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