Sunday, April 1, 2012

{H.E.E.T} Tour with "Ben the Weather Man"

Once again, my homeschool group took another wonderful tour! 

This time, I set up a weather presentation and tour of one of our local news stations.

 We really enjoyed the weather presentation. The meteorologist is also an adjunct professor!

 The exposure our children get through our homeschooling approach certainly is one of the biggest benefits for our family! 
 The night before the tour, we had severe storms, tornado warnings and so there was a lot to talk about!
 Checking out the tape room.
 The newsroom was quiet due to it being the weekend.

 Our homeschool group had an awesome time!
We hardly ever turn on our tv and I realized that the girls had actually never even seen a weather report on tv, so I made an exception and let them watch a weather report by "Ben the Weather Man!"
It was such a wonderful learning experience!

We hope you enjoyed sharing our experience with us!

Be a Blessing!

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