Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Weather Lessons

As a follow up to our H.E.E.T Tour with Ben the Weather Man, we did a fun mini unit study on the weather!

The basis for our study was the story of Jesus calming the storm in the Bible. 

{Mark 4:35-41}

We acted the story out by pretending to be riding in a boat when a terribly scary storm came along. We discussed how the disciples were scared and thought they might drown, so they asked Jesus for help. 
Jesus simple spoke the words, "peace, be still" and the storm stopped! I asked the girls if they could make it rain by saying "rain" or make it stop raining/storming by saying "stop raining!" We quickly came to the conclusion that we are NOT all-powerful. We cannot possible control the weather!

 Only Jesus has that kind of power and He is alive and here to help us as well, if only we believe and ask! 

What a wonderful lesson!
Our library books about weather.
One of our favorite books is "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." 
We love pretending it is raining pancakes and syrup, lol.
So, of course, we made homemade buttermilk pancakes using an amazing 
new, and easy recipe I tried. 
Gotta love Pinterest:)!

When the weather was good, we took lots of nature walks. When it stormed, we did lots of cuddling and reading books in our big bed.

Elle is our official "weather girl" and loves checking the weather app on my phone daily.
We took turns predicting the weather and seeing who was "right." 
We also discussed how only God knows precisely what the weather will be and He can decide to change it in an instant. He holds the entire universe in His hands.

We also did a few fun science experiments regarding air, clouds, rain and tornadoes.

 Just like the wind, you cannot see God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, but you know it is there.
You can see the evidence of it, just like you see the trees swaying in the breeze.
 We used shaving cream, water and food dye to create raining clouds.
 We talked about the water cycle and how rain clouds form.

 This experiment proved that air (as light and as invisible as it is) weighs something.
 We made a make-shift scale using a hanger and pencil.
 Ce Ce wanted to hold the hanger for a photo:).
 We also made several tornadoes in a jar. 
This was a great experiment and so much fun! 
You really couldn't mess it up!
 Elle shaking up the jar!

 We certainly had a lot of fun learning more about the weather!
Be a blessing,

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