Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Animal Lessons

We recently did a Unit Study on Animals. 
Our girls really enjoy learning about animals and Em has expressed an interest in becoming a Vet.
We were out for a walk on our neighborhood's nature trail and our neighbor Laura, who is a Vet asked the girls how they were doing. Em told her she wants "to take care of Hippos, Rhinos, Dogs and Cats, but NOT Lions, Bears or Foosas!" LOL.
We had 2 Bible Verses for this week. The first one focused on our study of the Bible Story of
Daniel in the Lion's Den. 
 The second Bible Verse focused on creation.
 Our Library Books for the week.

 Em matching up the animals to their beginning sound.
She has always loved this activity!
Em has always enjoyed this activity! She took to it right from the first time I introduced it to her!
Here is a short video of her doing this work many months ago-October 2011!
Em Animal Beginning Letter, Oct 2011

 We made a fun animal zoo food craft!

Elle LOVES reading about the human body!
Here, Elle is teaching Ce Ce about red blood cells:).
I LOVE that we can allow the girls to explore their interests in homeschool, not just 
complete a set curriculum!!!
We decided to create our own zoo and make up new animals. 
Elle came up with Scampion and Yosa as her 2 unique animals.

Elle did an animal worksheet on spelling and handwriting skills.

 Locating various continents on the globe and where different animals live.
Em matching Mother and Baby animals.

 I find these random notes around the house. Elle LOVES math! She has been doing double-digit addition and subtraction for a while now.
 Elle showcasing Em's Unique Zoo.

L is for Lion--Daniel in the Lion's Den lesson.
Elle's picture.
Elle wanted to do some really simple addition with small snapping blocks and flashcards.

 Em enjoys making books. This is a mini book on dogs.
 D is for Dog---putting stickers of dogs on the letter D worksheet.
 Em LOVES this math workbook I found at the Thrift Store!
We are working on single-digit addition and subtraction now. 
Em (3 yrs old) has started doing kindergarten math concepts and is really enjoying them!
 Em spelling animals names.
 Elle matching teeth of various animals. 
Em working on one-to-one correspondence using our counting bears on flashcards.
 We have free writing time in our homeschool. 
Elle wrote the first two lines on her own, then asked me how to spell "wants." 
I thought it was clever the way she used "ones" the first time:)
 More random math problems. Elle does these during "free time." LOL.
 Elle's phonics sheet on ending sounds.
 We worked on learning Place Values this week.
 Em practicing writing her numbers.
I found this cute spelling book for only 29 cents.
 Em loves learning to spell new words!

 We were talking about Seahorses and Em wanted to see if she could
find one in her animal encyclopedia book.
She LOVES reading that book!
She found it, LOL!!!!!
 We LOVE this wonderful game we got from our friend. You use a magnifying glass to see the tiny pictures of the animals and match them to the game board.
So much fun!
 We learned about various animal habitats.

We got some fun science experiments from this book.
We made Gobbledy Goo!

 Messy fun is the best!

Elle's first load of Girl Scout cookies that she has sold!!
She is doing an amazing job and learning so much!
Our troop has sold over 2300 boxes of cookies so far!

Thank you so much for reading along!
We enjoy your kind comments and encouragement.

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