Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ce Ce's Tot School Videos {21 Months}

Ce Ce is really enjoying her Tot School!!!
We are having soooo much fun! 
I found this picture and it REALLY hit home with me!
That is so true about our family!! I believe the main focus of homeschooling is to teach our girls to LOVE learning. That way, it will never end! They can follow their interests (with the will of God) and have a lifetime of learning new and exciting things! starts when they are little:). 
Ce Ce has been homeschooled from day 1, LOL.
Here are her latest updates. Enjoy!

Here is Ce Ce doing some letter recognition.

{Click on the link to watch the video please}.

Here, Ce Ce is doing Animal Sounds and also Animal Recognition.

{Click on the link to watch the video please}.

Here is a video from over 2 months ago of Ce Ce singing the ABC's. 
Our dog, Rocky, was sniffing her feet and that is why she keeps saying "Rock" at the end, LOL.

{Click on the link to watch the video please}.

Thank you so much for following our little ladies.
We really appreciate it!

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