Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our 1st {LHFHG} Weekly Wrap-Up!

Well, I shared with you all how God has really been speaking to my heart lately! I will be honest, I really need God to speak very loudly and very clearly for me in order for my own human frailties to not get in the way, lol. It is always so refreshing to hear from the Lord and to have Him set a clear direction for our path. 
So, the short story is that we have changed the way we are homeschooling our girls and it has been a WONDERFUL, God-ordained change! As someone who opposes change, I can honestly say, I am SO glad I went ahead and made the change to "Little Hearts for His Glory" for our girls. You can find out more here! I previously purchased this Christian curriculum set to start in the fall with Elle(4.75 yrs old), but she is already completing 1st grade math and language arts, that the Lord prompted me to go ahead and work through this curriculum now in preparation for Kindergarten and see if we can't get her tested to see where she would place. The other really GREAT benefit is that now I do not have to spend countless hours researching, developing, designing, printing, laminating and cutting out ALL of our homeschool materials!! Yay for me:-) I will still continue to supplement the curriculum with our own library book selections and crafts, but it will be the foundation for the lessons and the girls are loving it so far!

Some of the other books we are using.  We will continue to add in some additional science spotlights, home economics and fun field trips as we continue along our home school journey.


 Our weekly Bible memory verse.

Elle had a lot of fun designing her "Days of Creation" Chart!

 Elle completed her "Creation Lapbook." It turned out GREAT!

 Seriously, this kid is a workbook lover! I have never seen her happier to do school work! One night, my husband had to make her stop at 8pm! LOL:)
 Writing letters and numbers with her finger.


 Em was so excited to see a work tray ready for her:) She is easily bored with the workbook portion of the new curriculum, so I still have to create some fun activities to keep Em engaged while Elle does her school work.
Em LOVES this workbook of hers:)

 Em sitting on my lap to do some coloring. The girls really love learning about history using the Little Pilgrims' book!
 Em making numbers and letters with her fingers. Building her pre-writing skills.
 Em getting some cutting practice. Me, trying not to have my fingers cut, lol:)
 Game about animals that live in the sea, on the land and in the air.

 Elle's spelling and handwriting has really improved!! She loves this stuff!

 Em making her sachet of potpourri. We discussed the sweet perfume of the love of Jesus.

 Em reading a book to our dog Lady:)

 Em working the cylinders.
 Em working the nesting dolls.
 So proud of her completed work!
 Em working with some math manipulatives. She counted to 100 by 10's! wow!
 Elle reading "Reddy the Fox" to anyone that will listen:)

The girls and I baked some AMAZING banana bread!! My big sis provided a recipe and I tweaked it to fit our family's tastes. It really is going to be my new standard recipe for banana bread!

 Ce Ce enjoys playing with the tissue box I made just for her:)
 Seriously, Elle could not be happier---I feel so blessed right now! I hope to always encourage her genuine love of learning!!

 Grandma joined us for our Family Homemade Pizza Night!
The girls used whole wheat crust and organic sauce and cheese-it was so good!!

Here is the pizza I made for my husband and myself with chicken and banana peppers:) Yummy!!

 We won a local contest for a family pack of tickets to see Madagascar Live! It was such a blessing because this is the ONLY movie our girls will watch and enjoy:)

 We had a GREAT time at the theatre and look forward to more shows in the future!

Well, that was our week (most of it anyway:)! Thank you so much for joining us on our journey as we continue to love our little lovies as  much as possible! We thank God for you and hope you will continue to walk with us as we learn and grow into what God has intended for our family!

Please feel free to leave a comment so we know you were here! We cherish each and every kind comment we receive! You are an encouragement to US!


Anonymous said...

You are an incredible MOm! WOWOWOW!!!!
The pizza, the lap book...keep it up!
totally doing a creation lap book now... Love it!

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Awwww, thank you so much for the kind words, Jacqueline!!! I really, really appreciate it:-) I LOVE doing lapbooks with Elle! Let me know how yours turns out!

Jessica said...

So can you message me through Facebook your recipe for Banana bread and your pizza crust? They both look delicious! M wants to make the pizza now, she thinks it looks yummy!

Elle Belles Bows said...

Thanks for sharing the books that you are using!

Beautiful photo of all your beautiful gals!



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