Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentine's Day 2011

We had a wonderful time over the past 2 weeks unfolding our new Valentine's Tradition.
Our girls really LOVED reading a daily Bible verse and sweet love note from us about one thing we love about each of them over the past 14 days!! Our focus has been on the TRUE and everlasting LOVE that only God can give. It has been a blessing for us and we hope you all have been inspired to weave the teachings of the love of God into your
Valentine's Day traditions as well!

Our Valentine's Day started out extra early so that I could get our special breakfast 
prepared before Daddy had to leave for work!

 We have been enjoying my gorgeous bouquet I received on Friday from my Sweet and loving husband:) He always promised to be "unpredictable" to me~~and he certainly delivers that quality:) He said, "everybody gets flowers ON Valentines' Day". LOL!! {Notice the little pink carnation for the girlz---they deserve to be spoiled, too}.
 I simply used small cookie cutters to make the watermelon into heart shapes.

 I tried to "fancy up" the girls oatmeal {similar to the Australian Fairy Bread we made for Australia Day}by adding sprinkles to it---but, it was a complete bust! Ha, ha. They like it  better "plain." oh well;)
 A heart shaped spinach quiche for my hubby with turkey sausage.
 Heart shaped pancakes--they were a huge hit!!

PLEASE, if you ever see my kids, do NOT tell them that syrup goes on pancakes, OK? 
They are perfectly content eating them dry, so please, don't ruin it for them, ha, ha. {Kinda like not ruining believing in Santa Claus for some kids--ok, just our secret--right?}

We had a very lovely breakfast together and sent Daddy off to work.
The girls and I had a great homeschool morning and then headed to Homeschool gym, had lunch and prepared for naps when I got the BEST SURPRISE EVER!! Daddy took off a half day, went grocery shopping and came home for naps so I COULD LAY DOWN AND TAKE A NAP ALL ALONE!!! Ahh, that man--I tell yah--I love him more every day!! It really is the little things, right? Let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed my nap and awoke refreshed and ready to cook a very special dinner for my loves.

 My homemade "Melting Pot" Spinach and Artichoke Fondue--yummy!!!
 Isn't this the cutest heart pasta ever? The girls LOVED it;-)!

 Chocolate Fondue for dessert.

 My hubby and I got so full on our fondue that we couldn't even eat the steak, chicken and shrimp we planned---so, we'll save it for a special dinner in a couple of days.
We had a wonderful dinner as a family!
We hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!
Here is the greatest Valentine of all from our family to yours!!


Mrs Mar said...

My kids eat pancakes with out anything too. Usualy we have jam on them, but they will happly eat them plain too.

kewkew said...

What a lovely Valentine's Day you had. You set a gorgeous table and made the day sooooo special. And what a great surprise for you.
My girls will eat pancakes dry occasionally, especially now that I started adding a little vanilla to the recipe.
Where oh where did you get heart shaped pasta???
Anyway, I posted about our Valentines day if you would like to come over for a visit.

Toyin O. said...

Love the pictures,so cute, looks like you guys had a good valentine:)

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Thank you so much, everyone!
Kekew---I got the heart pasta at World Market!!!


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