Sunday, February 13, 2011

Movies and Smoothies {Girlz Night In}!

As a surprise gift for my wonderful husband, I bought him 2 tickets to a great comedy show. I knew he would try to make me go, but I insisted gently encouraged him to ask a friend or male cousin to go so they could have a "guys night out." It seems since we have had 3 children in 4 years our individual fun time is extremely limited and I wanted him to have fun without the family responsibilities for a change. He seriously is so committed to us--he goes to work, comes home, jumps right in with me and the kiddos and doesn't stop until the wee hours of the night when he has completed his MBA and Masters Degrees and is now studying for his CPA exam. I am so glad he got a chance to hang out with his cousin and get a few laughs:)

While he was gone, us girls had a "Movies and Smoothies" Night!! It was so, so fun!!
I got some short movies from the library, we blended some fresh fruit smoothies and had girls' night in!!

 Em had fun making the smoothies!

 Extra whipped cream---shhhhh, don't tell;)

 Elle's job was to get the sleeping bags all set up:)

We had so much fun! Yes, we missed Daddy, but the girlz and I enjoyed having some special girl time and I was happy for my husband that he got to have some laughs as well!!


Elle Belles Bows said...

What a fun way to spend the evening together! I bet the gals felt very special using the heart flutes. Kerri

Unknown said...

Happy Valentines Day! What a great idea and how sweet of you to do that for your husband! The movie and smoothie night for your girls sounds perfect!


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