Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lent Linky Love! {the one with my "Mini-Break"}

For the first time, my husband and I are participating in the Lenten Celebration. As a part of it,  I am taking a break from the weekly blogging I have been doing wrapping up our home school week. I hope you will still tune in as I continue to submit my schedule, my will and my desires to Christ in an effort to better serve my God, my husband and our children!

During the Lenten Season, I would like to share some of my very favorite links to other websites, articles, news, literature, videos, music etc that truly blesses my soul and subjects that are close to my heart.

My first link is one that is ENCOURAGING!!! I know I need encouragement!  I sure hope you enjoy it! Take a few minutes to listen to Anne Graham Lotz talk about Jesus and share some of her testimony. I have NEVER heard Him described this way-it is heart-changing!! PLEASE enjoy:)

My second link this week is one of our recently-discovered worship songs that our entire family loves to sing! You should hear Elle singing this song---it is so beautiful to watch:) I have it on video, I will have to post it one day. For now, here is the "real" version by Kari Jobe {"The More I Seek You"}

And, one of my all-time favorites! Help Me Believe by Kirk Franklin! This really touches my spirit!! Enjoy!


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Anonymous said...

This was on time! Thank you... WOW! Just the encouragement I needed.


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