Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some of our Favorite Tot School Lessons

Our middle child is 26 months old and really enjoys our Tot School learning activities! Here are a few of our favorite activities--enjoy!

 We made a flower arrangement based on the book "Flower Garden" about a girl who makes a window box for her mother's birthday! It was an amazing experience to see the story come to life!
 Sorting lids and learning to put them on.
 Shaving cream is always fun!
 Bead sorting.
 Doing some sponge squeezing and transferring.
 Em is learning how to slice a banana.
 Em was doing well with transferring, so I got some little butterflies and put them on this perfect little dish and she loved it!
I made this game and we call it the "Word Color Match Game." It is so fun! Once she masters matching the colors and the words, I will turn over the colored papers and not show the words for an added challenge.
Learning to pour into a funnel.
 I just cut out some circles for her to match to the traced circles on the paper.
Sticking spaghetti into small holes.
Pouring small rocks.
Em LOVES animals and loves reading--the perfect combination captured here;)
Transferring rocks from one bowl to another.

 Separating magnetic and non-magnetic items. Also, learning what items will sink vs. float.

 Making her "rainbow toast."

Em, just being the sweet girl that she is;)

All of our girls LOVE to read!

Em working on dropping colored water into small suction cups.

Both of our big girls LOVE this puzzle they have affectionately named "Kaylinn" LOL. It is a girl with several layers that shows the anatomy of the female body.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask;)

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