Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are our Kids "Weird" and "Unsocialized"? Bet You're Wondering!!

Our girls get a lot of opportunities during the week for social interaction, but we especially love to get out and about on the weekends when Daddy is around to offer extra hands and eyes!!

They love taking gymnastics, music class, going to the library story times and making new friends wherever we go. Em is really, really social and will just about talk to anyone (like her Mommy;). Elle may take a moment to warm up, but once she does, WATCH OUT, the girl will NOT stop talking, LOL. {(I wonder where she gets that talking thing from;)}.

Here is a nice piece of research I came across as we were deciding whether or not to homeschool our girls. I think it is significant when you factor in the vast amount of church and community involvement/volunteering and learning that can take place by home schooled children. It becomes more of a "lifestyle of learning" as opposed to a separate entity of merely "going to school."

"Research ... reveals a significant advantage in social development for home schooled children. They are socially adept, possess a positive self-image, and are active in areas that develop leadership skills. Thomas Smedley, in a controlled study, concluded: `... the home educated children in this sample were significantly better socialized and more mature than those in public school.'" - Dr Brian Ray, HSLDA (Marching to the beat of their own drum!
A profile of home education research).

Anyway, here are some photos of some of our adventures. I will try to remember to take some at church. We have a wonderful children's church that both of our older girls LOVE going to!!

Elle having a little "Girl Talk" with a new friend;)

Making new friends! Em is very friendly!

Once Elle checks out the scene, she is very friendly, too!

Elle even volunteered to play a part in the story at the library! She did GREAT and shared her animal very nicely with Em (without Mommy even asking;). LOVE that!

 Elle has gone to Vacation Bible School at a church in our town for the past 2 summers. She had absolutely no problem walking right in, making new friends and staying for the whole morning (all alone) for a week!!  
We are certain Em will happily join her this upcoming summer!

 Elle was involved in a summer parade in our town and really enjoyed it!
We jumped in with her after the parade to ride back to our car while 
Daddy walked with the stroller;)

And we always have a good time doing Community Service Projects!!

So, for all of you wondering if our kids will turn out to be "weird" or "unsocialized", don't worry---they get plenty of social interaction and actually probably get MORE interaction from a wide age range of people (with very diverse backgrounds) as opposed to just being influenced by their respective peer groups:-) It's a whole other post talking about what values our country is promoting through socialization right now.

P.S. I AM really looking forward to joining our Christian Co-op at the beginning of the year. The girls will be able to take classes in a structured setting based on their interests and our academic goals and they'll get to learn from someone other than Mom, lol;) It should be lots of fun!!


aussie_mama22 said...

Your girls look so busy and look like they have so much fun. What a wonderfully rich life they live, well done mama!!

Doesn't it make you so proud when your child can walk up to someone with such confidence and make friends?

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Aw, thank you so much! We are really enjoying the girls!

I still can't believe how fast they are growing up! I remember our oldest dd being a tiny, clingy baby who would NEVER even be held by anyone other than me or my husband and now, she is a little socialite, lol.

Thanks so much for your kind comments and for reading-I really appreciate it!!

Fatima said...

Looks like your girls have a wonderfully rich life, surrounded with so much love.
I was reluctant to home school for some of the same reasons... socialization. Recently, I realized that stereotype came mostly from early home-schoolers who pulled their kids from schools in an effort to keep them from the world. As our reasons for home-schooling have changed, so has this "problem."
I love home-schooling and the great benefits it affords my kids and our family.
You have a beautiful family. May God continue to bless you all.


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