Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{H.E.E.T} Kids' Apple Cooking Class

As a part of our Homeschool Curriculum this year, I decided to start teaching Kids' Cooking Classes!
It has been so fun planning all of the various themes and menus for the classes and our girls are having a wonderful time testing the recipes at home!

Cooking is chock full of so many opportunities for learning for children (and adults:). 
We talked about the 3 states of matter, measuring, fractions (parts of a whole), nutrition, food groups, math/estimation, and counting. We even included a Story Time with an apple-related theme and a 
letter A coloring page!

We recently had our very first Kids' Cooking Class and it was a huge hit!
{click on the photo to enlarge it}

Our theme was "Fall into Apple Fun!"
The menu included: Apple Poppers dipped in natural Peanut Butter, 
Chicken Waldorf Sandwich Skewers w/Greek Yogurt Dip
 and Apple Crisp with homemade Whipped Cream.

The kids were so happy to have hands-on lessons and were amazed that they could change cream into homemade "cool whip!" I was energized and inspired by the young kiddos. 
They were so smart, so fun and really great listeners!

I received excellent feedback from the kids and their parents and plan 
on teaching more classes in the future!

Stay tuned!
Be a Blessing,

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