Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Taco Tuesday {with a twist}!!

So, our family typically has "Taco Tuesday" in our house. Every Tuesday, just about, we plan to make tacos. We usually stick with crunchy or soft tacos with variations of ground turkey/chicken or shredded chicken as the base. Then, we try to add different toppings (from corn and tomatoes to guacamole) and see what we end up with. 

WELL..........this Tuesday, I just wanted to try something totally DIFFERENT!!
So, I decided to invent a Taco Tuesday Pizza!!
It turned out GREAT, so I just had to share:)

 My biggest helper, Elle. She is such a blessing to us!!
 Here it is fresh out of the oven! 
I started out with a whole wheat pizza crust. Topped it with pizza sauce mixed with a little softened low-fat cream cheese. I know, it sounds weird, but it is what "made" the pizza so special!!

I sauteed some ground chicken and seasoned it with taco seasoning. I never add water to it, it just dilutes the flavor to me:) Cooled the chicken and put it on the sauce. Sprinkled mozzarella cheese on top and baked it! Easy peezy!
 Once the pizza cooled a bit, I drizzled some low-fat sour cream on top, chopped fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I then sprinkled a little more taco seasoning on top for good measure!

 I have learned the trick to a great pizza crust is to dust your pan with corn meal prior to putting your crust on it to bake-works like a charm!!
As you can see, the first one was eaten so fast, I had to make another one minutes later! ha, ha!
Seriously, it was THAT good!  Plus, it has lots of good, healthy ingredients!
Enjoy!! Please let me know if you make this:) I would LOVE to hear from you!

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Brooke said...

That looks DELISH!!!!
Im going to have to try that one.


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