Thursday, June 16, 2011

Neat Father' Day Craft Idea {Salt Dough fun}!!

With Father's quickly approaching, your kids may need a good, last-minute gift to make for Dad. Here is a really cute salt dough idea we found here.

We love making all sorts of play dough, so this was a hit with our girls. I had to help them with placing the rocks in place to spell Dad Rocks, but it was an easy craft to do!

We also plan on completing an interview about Dad. I cannot wait to hear how the girls will answer the questions from Simply Montessori!  We plan to print it off and frame it for Father's Day!

We will go to our traditional Father' Day Brunch and eat way too much! LOL. We have some more surprises in store, but we are going to save those just in case Daddy is reading the blog today:-)

What special ways will you celebrate Father's Day this year? Sending many blessings to all of the wonderful Fathers out there!!!

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Melissa said...

This is very cool, thanks for sharing it.


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