Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Fun!!

We have been experiencing summer-like weather a lot lately, so our family has been taking every chance to get outside and enjoy it! We always are looking for fun and frugal ways to teach our girls new things and expose them to new adventures!
Playing in the park.

 At the annual Kids' Festival in our town.

 Our neighborhood walking trail. We take Nature Walks as much as the weather allows for.

 The girls LOVE looking for branches that look like letters:)
 Elle having Em check her heartbeat to see how much faster it is beating after running for a bit.
We found some caterpillars and the girls had to feed them, lol.
 Ce Ce is going to be a nature lover, too:)
 Drawing a welcome home chalk design for Daddy.
 Elle worked on classifying the leaves we collected and comparing them to her nature book on leaves.
 Face painting at an annual festival here in town.

 The girls picked out some popcorn at the market.
 Our family enjoys eating outside when the weather is nice. You will always find us with a big snack bag full of water, fruits and veggies. Our girls eat a lot of food!
 Enjoying the rainbow popcorn.
 Dancing to the live musicians--they were good!!
 Another free festival our city sponsored at a new park!

 Our children's science museum had a huge tent set up with tons of educational activities for the kids. They had a ball!!!!

 On the merry-go-round/carousel.

 Helping "Grandpa" in the garden. My mother-in-law just got married to him a few months ago:)

 Ce Ce definitely got my thunder thighs, lol:)
 Our town had a "Cruise-In" and Strawberry Festival. 
We were enjoying some fresh strawberries and cream.

 In our local historical society.

 So funny, we use Fels-Naptha soap to make our own laundry detergent. The girls thought it was funny.
 They recognized the old washboard right away:)

 Remember these, lol?
 We loved looking at all of the cool cars!

 It was really a lovely evening!

Looking forward to lots more summer fun!!

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Deb Chitwood said...

What adorable photos! I loved your daughters' expressions and how they interact with each other - so sweet! Deb @


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