Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Very Neat} Snow Falling Down Craft!

 THIS is the view out of our front windows---nothing but the white, cold stuff!

So, that means winter craft time, lol!

We had so much fun with our Fall Leaves Falling Down Craft that 
I thought it would be fun to make one for the winter using snow!
The girls had a lot of fun making and playing with this one--it was a huge hit!

Elle's coloring skills have really improved lately!
 Elle had a lot of fun hole-punching 
the snow flakes out of white paper. 
Great way to build her hand strength for 
writing skills.

Em just loves shaking the snow to make it fall down! {There is a ziploc bag between the 2 papers filled with paper "snowflakes" and when you shake the bag, they look like
they are falling down!}

This is a lot of fun for the girls since Mommy and Daddy are not 
very big "snow people" in real life. We really would prefer not to 
have to live in it at all, lol! Sunny and 70 degrees is more our speed:)

Any other great winter craft ideas to share????

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How cute and fun!
We get snow here too and as long as I'm indoors...I love it! I especially dislike having to go to church with snow outside, pantyhose, heels, and ice...yuck! But I couldn't imagine living anywhere else at Christmastime :)


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