Thursday, December 16, 2010

"S is for....Soap" {Bath and Laundry}

 This week, our letter of the week is S, so I thought it would
be perfect to incorporate soap-making into our lesson plans!

I have been making my own laundry soap for 2 years now! {And, trust me, I was a VERY loyal fan of a certain high-priced name brand detergent AND fabric softener}!
But, at an average cost of 1 penny per load, it 
has truly saved us a lot of money over the years!

Here is the recipe that I use for my laundry soap.
It really is simple and very fun and very, very inexpensive!
And, it WORKS great!
With a little baby and 2 pre-schoolers, I have to do some 
spot pre-treatments, but I just throw all the clothes in on cold and 
most stains come right out. I also use lavender oil in the laundry soap 
to leave our clothes smelling great!

The girls always have a lot of fun stirring the huge
tub of laundry soap. It will usually last me several months!

I have always wanted to try to make my own bath soap as well!
I have spent tons of money on all-natural soaps that are super-moisturizing and smell 
really good-but they are EXPENSIVE!

So, we started off small and just tried a simple
soap-making kit to just learn the basics.
It was a lot of fun and the soap turned out fine, but I
still want to learn to make some using goat milk and other
fun ingredients:)

Here are our books for this week:

We simply microwaved the soap blocks to melt them and added
in the fragrance, exfoliant and coloring.

 Poured it into the molds and let it sit for an hour or so.
Easy peezey!

 We wrapped them up to maintain their scent and also to 
give them away as gifts.

Do any of you all make your own soaps or cleaning products?

As always, we LOVE reading your comments:)
Please feel free to have a seat, and stick around a while and join the discussion. 
We can inspire each other!



the MILKY way (Chrissy) said...

I am now VERY interested in making my own laundry detergent! Thanks for the inspiration, as always!

Mrs Mar said...

When we were kids we made our own shampoo and soap. Though never laundry detergent. Your soaps turned out so cute.

I loved making candels, just collect the wax from old candels, and use wax craones to coloer it. SO FUN.


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