Monday, December 13, 2010

Em's Tot School {28 months} Letter Bb.

I had to go out of state to a funeral over the weekend, so my blog posts are going to be a bit shorter and less detailed. If you would like more info about a particular activity, please 
don't hesitate to ask!
B was our letter of the week!

 Broccoli, bananas and blueberries for lunch!

 Scooping little golden bells.
 Pouring bells.

 Tonging little butterflies.
 Sorting bears.
 Playing "beauty shop."

 Dancing with 2 tissues she imagined were scarves!
Just like in our "Music Movement and Me" Class!

 Decorating her green playdough CHRISTmas tree.

Our Science Spotlight featured "B is for Bubbles". 
We made our own bubble solution!

 We studied the moon and crescent was our shape of the week.
Here is some sponge painting.
 Em practicing writing her O's.

Practicing her M's.

We baked some super-dee-lish Brown Bread!

 We LOVE the BOND that the girls are developing!
Definitely one of the greatest benefits of homeschooling in our opinions.
 We made these adorable Five Finger Snowman Ornaments 
with the girls' handprints.

Em still enjoys working with her cylinders!
Thank you ALL so much for reading!
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Unknown said...

Ohh Myyyyy Goodnesssss Your little ones are to cute!!!!!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!! I am a follower of yours, please follow me as well!! XOXO

Elle Belles Bows said...

Looks like a great week! The brown bread looks yummy! Going to check out the book! Kerri


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