Sunday, August 14, 2011

Messy Monday Part 8!

For this week's Messy Monday Fun Day, we made our own finger paints!
It was super-easy and fun to make. 

All we did was combine equal parts of flour with water and then added in a little
washable tempera paint!

The girls loved watching the white change colors as they added in the various colors!

The flour made the finger paints a fun texture to work with! 
Em LOVED it:)

The messier, the better for this kid, lol.
Elle, ever-so-carefully, dipping each finger into the paint as not to mix the colors. *Sigh* She gets it from her neurotic neat-freak Mommy:)
Elle still had loads of fun, though:)
Clean up time!
We hope you are enjoying our Messy Monday Fundays---we certainly are!

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Unknown said...

that looks wonderful!! and fun too!


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