Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cupcakes for dinner---well, sort of:) {From my kitchen}

I thought this would be a very cute idea to try!

I made turkey meatloaf and put them in individual cupcake liners and baked them in the oven at 350.
I piped on the whipped potato "frosting" with a Wilton bag and piping tip. I suppose you could get a similar affect with cutting the tip of a heavy-duty plastic storage bag.

Here is a recipe similar to what I use for the turkey meatloaf. I usually just toss a bunch of seasonings in depending on my mood:)  I used 1.25 lbs of lean ground turkey and got 10 cupcakes out of it. In the future, I will do different variations-bbq, cheddar cheese, etc.

For the whipped potatoes, I just boiled some petite yukon gold potatoes until fork-tender. Then, I plunged them into ice water to cool them and loosen the skin. I peeled off the skin and drained them well. I put them in a bowl and mashed them up with my electric mixer (just until mashed). I then warmed up about 1/2 to 2/3 cup of organic rice milk and added it along with 2 TBSP of butter and a few pinches of salt and pepper. I quickly whipped them up with the mixer, just until smooth. You can add a little more milk if they are too thick. I just played with it until I got the right consistency.

 The whole family LOVED them!!

Enjoy this fun recipe and please let us know if you make it!!



Terri said...

This recipe that you call cupcakes is one of my family's favorites! Instead of putting them in liners, though, we use turkey bacon, wrapped around the edges. Yum! I've also made them with no liner at all - they come out pretty easily.

Melissa said...

No one in my home likes meatloaf, but what an adorable idea.

Me said...

Just came across your blog... so cute!! Love it. You are an awesome mom! Stealing a few of your awesomeness ideas.

Jackie Higgins said...

awesome! My boys will think this is totally cool... and we have tons of potatoes from grandpa's garden, so I'm looking for ways to use those up:)


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