Sunday, July 24, 2011

Messy Mondays!! {Summer Fun} 5!!

Here is a quick re-cap of our latest installment of Messy Monday Fun Day!
We decided to do painting with bubble wrap!
It was so much fun! The girls LOVED watching their creations come to life right before their eyes.

The girls simply painted on the bubble side of the wrap and pressed it onto the paper.
Em making her ice cream cone. She was so impressed with herself!
Elle painting a piece of bubble wrap shaped like a rainbow.
She did a great job using lots of colors.
It turned out GREAT!
Some of Em's creations-I helped her with the flower stem.
Elle's painting she did:)
Em's freestyle painting she did, lol.

We had a lot of fun doing the bubble wrap paint. I am sure we will repeat this many times in the future!!

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