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{From my Kitchen}Easy and Healthy Breakfast Food Ideas!!

OK, I have to admit~~~I LOVE to eat and I have 3 little people and 1 big person (and 3 dogs) who also love to eat :)

People are always asking me for food ideas and recipes. I really only use recipes when I bake, otherwise, I just cook like my mother and Grandmother did---a pinch of this, a smidge of that and cook it until it is done, LOL:) I really have wanted to put more food blog posts, but wasn't sure if you all are interested in them or not. Then, I got a specific request from a close friend and decided to go ahead and put together a few photos and ideas for you all. Since I have so many, I will split them up into separate blog posts to make it easier to reference.

I know how hard it is to get healthy meals on the table every single day. I must admit, I do love to cook (and I love to eat even more:), but I prefer to spend my time with my children, so it is a delicate balance. Hopefully, you will find some things that spark your imagination and get you excited to try new things in your kitchen, too! I sure hope you do! If you have any questions about how I prepare things, please do not hesitate to ask. I am eager to share, but again, I do not use exact measurements on food, so translating it to a recipe will be difficult for me.

As you will see, I pretty much rotate the same basic things over the weeks. Our family basically eats, fresh fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish, turkey and typically whole wheat breads and pastas. I usually buy the same things every week or so except when I venture out to try a new recipe/meal idea. I try to keep things pretty simple. It helps me, it helps my husband (who is our primary grocery shopper:) and it has helped our girls to develop their palates so they actually love eating a variety of healthy foods!

 Here is the Bible Verse we use as our primary focus on eating.

Breakfast Ideas:
Fort the most part, we eat the same things for breakfast daily. Organic oatmeal, turkey bacon/sausage, fruit, yogurt and granola. Sometimes we will fancy it up with eggs and a bread item.
 These are really simple to make. We call them egg muffins, lol. Simply scramble some eggs, add a touch of water or milk (we use organic rice milk) and throw in whatever fillings you like (we use spinach). Top with a very small amount of shredded cheese when they are almost done cooking. Bake in the oven on 375 for 12-15 minutes or so.

 I made a special breakfast with french toast kabobs for the girls. They loved them:)

 We always buy a ton of fresh fruits and veggies every week-usually twice per week.
 Here are the whole wheat bagels we made. They are a bit time-consuming, but are wonderful!!!!!

I blogged about them here. You can find the recipe there, too:)
 On special occasions, like Valentine's Day, you can cut up the fruits etc in heart shapes. I use cookie cutters a lot of times to make healthy foods a little more exciting!
 I made a heart shaped egg "muffin" for Valentine's Day.

This is my famous "egg toast". The girls LOVE it. It is so simple to make. I just cut out a bit of the bread, beat 1 egg in a bowl, put the bread in a hot skillet sprayed with Pam spray and pour the egg inside of the hole in the bread. I sprinkle cheese on it and cook it and then toast the cut-out)heart in this example) piece of bread and put some all-fruit jam on it.

Here are some yummy pumpkin muffins I made. I typically try to find a low-fat recipe and add in some golden raisins and/or chopped walnuts. 
Here is the recipe I used for these---they turned out GREAT!

 Some wonderful zucchini muffins I made.
Here is the recipe for the muffins.
We make yogurt parfaits all.the.time! They are quick, easy, healthy, pretty and FUN! Just toss some yogurt, fresh fruit and granola in a cup or bowl, easy peezy!!

 Flower shaped egg toast.
 Usually about once per week, we have "Brinner" where we cook breakfast foods for dinner. The girls absolutely LOVE this and it has become a regular tradition in our family.

 I have several different pans to make the pancakes into fun shapes--flowers, animals, etc. The hearts I make freehand. They are really simple to make, Just put the batter into a V-shape in the hot skillet and they puff up like a heart.
In the summer time, fruit salad is a staple in our house!! I cut up a huge batch of fruit twice per week and we eat it every single day!
I like to make things up in big batches so we can eat quickly and also so we can pack healthy foods to take with us wherever we go--it keeps us from eating out and from making poor food choices when we are away from home and hungry.

We also LOVE to make fruit smoothies!!
We also make Breakfast Pizza on the weekends---I will see if I can find the pictures for that!

I hope you have enjoyed some fun breakfast ideas! We look forward to sharing more food fun with you soon:)

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Really delicious day. I like the most flower shape egg toast. I will try out up coming weekend.


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