Monday, April 25, 2011

Our "Fun" Easter Projects! {eggs and more}

While we heavily focus on the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during this Easter holiday season, we still think it is ok to have some fun with some good old fashioned Easter eggs;-)! Just so long as our girls know the REAL reason for the Easter Bunny here, though(or Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus either:)

Enjoy seeing what we have been up to!

 Em and Elle both had fun matching up the capital and lower case letters I wrote on the plastic eggs.  Mostly, Em identified the letters, gave suggested beginning sounding words and then.....made little hats out of them, lol:)

 Em had a BALL finding her little eggs. I even found some in the shape of Elmo with bunny ears. They were so cute:)

 This was the 1st year we hid eggs for the girls to find. Elle really enjoyed it as well! She had fun counting up all the eggs.

The girls mostly got stickers, coins and a few dollars in the eggs. I wrapped the gifts in tissue paper so they all would sound the same when shaken. So, they were so happily surprised when they opened them. They each got 1 chocolate/caramel egg and 2 jelly beans:) That should last them all year, lol.

 Found these new Easter cookie cutters for only 90 cents!

 I used convection bake on our oven and it turned the edges a little brown, but they were still really good! They were lemon-sugar cookies;)
 Em and Elle had a good time putting little ornaments on this spring/easter tree.

 Tonging plastic eggs with bunny tongs.
 Tweezing little plastic bunnies into a mold.
 I made these eggs with different sounds. Each egg had a matching sound. The girls LOVED this activity and kept going back to it throughout the week!

 "I found a match, Mommy!!!"
 Here is what I put inside.
 Sorting jelly beans. Funny, she did not eat one of them--didn't even ask:)
 Spooning and pouring jelly beans.
 Hiding eggs for Mommy and Daddy to find. Very funny girls---the eggs they hid were EMPTY:)!!
 Of course, we dyed eggs. It was a lot of fun!

What do you all do with all of these boiled eggs????/


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