Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Mommy Moment::-) **** {"Table for 1"}

According to the calendar, it is Spring here. According to the weather reports, we could still be in winter. But, oh how I long for Spring! The green grass, colorful flowers, gentle breezes and play time outside with the kiddos! I cannot wait until we get a few nice days in a row. Right now, I just call it "pneumonia weather" because it will get nice and you will see people wearing shorts and flip flops one day and then it snows the next day. Just a sickness waiting to happen, LOL. 

This week was certainly interesting for us. The schools in our town are on their Spring Break, so the stores, play areas and fun activities were a lot more crowded than normal. It really made me thankful to be able to homeschool our children and normally have very limited crowd issues during the week. Just another added benefit of homeschooling:)

Add the end of a hectic week, I was looking forward (REALLY looking forward) to getting together with one of my closest friends. We usually get together every few months on the weekend when our husbands are home to care for the children. {Since having CeCe, I take her with me}. She is a very strong Christian and really inspires me a lot. I always feel better after talking with her. Well, a last-minute scheduling conflict came up and we had to cancel or "Tea for Two." 

My (wonderfully encouraging and understanding) husband suggested I still go out {ALONE} just to clear my head and get a mini-break. As I quickly headed for the door prepared to leave, I grabbed a parenting book I had recently picked up from the library, but decided to take my stack of magazines that I have not been able to read yet. I LOVE reading and spend most of my time reading the Bible/Christian literature or Parenting books. This time was going to be just for ME:) 

So, I took my Whole Living, Women's Health and Women's Fitness magazines and headed to my favorite little Thai restaurant----all alone. It was weird at first, but then I remembered as a Regional Training Manager, I used to dine alone quite often when I traveled across the country. And, then I remembered how much I enjoyed it. So, with my magazines in hand, I walked into the restaurant and requested a "table for 1." 

Oh, and was it DIVINE!!!!!

Just a little slice of time carved out of my week to get alone and regroup. I was blessed to be seated next to an elderly couple whose whole conversation touched on the glorious works the Lord was doing in their lives. I was so inspired by them and thanked them when they were leaving. What a blessing it was for me to be able to just decompress a bit and eat spicy food (without having to share it:) and re-focus on the blessings in my life. I walked back in the door with more spring in my step, and a big smile on my face when greeted at the door with a husband and kids so happy to see me (like I was gone for a week or something!) LOL. Maybe it was the fortune cookies in my hand....

What do you do to refresh and re-group? I am learning that it is critically necessary. Not very often, but something that must be done in order to prevent "Mommy Burn-Out." I am so blessed to have a great husband that understands this and is happy when I am happy!


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