Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week Wrap-Up {Letter F is for...}

We had a nice (and very crazy-busy)homeschool week and 
would love to share our wrap-up with you!

As always, THANK YOU to everyone who is being blessed by our blog!! It is a sort of mini ministry for us to be able to share our journey with you all and, hopefully, encourage parents who are looking to make learning fun and creative! (whether you choose to homeschool or not!)

First off, I would like to kindly ask for your prayers and encouragement!! I spent an evening in the hospital ER as a result of some very scary chest pains!! My husband came home from work early and insisted that I go and get checked out!! I am so glad that I did! After many, many tests (EKG, blood work, x-rays etc) I know my heart is in great condition, but I managed to fracture my rib and tear some chest wall muscles. I need to learn to balance my stress (I am also a Professional Wedding Planner) and try to rest more (ha, ha---right! Ce Ce is still up nursing 6-8 times per night).  

So, I will be praying as to how to proceed with the blog and my internet time{I only blog when my girls are sleeping}. I would really like to continue documenting our journey and our girls' academic progress (important for our school district's documentation as well),  but I am not clear as to how this will all pan out right now.  We are all just extremely GRATEFUL for good health and a chance to journey on a little further!

~~~~~So, your prayers and positive thoughts are greatly needed and appreciated!!!!~~~~~

Now, on to our Wrap-Up!!

Here is our learning chart for the week. Letter F. Animal is fish and we studied rainbow colors. Our Godly Character Trait is "Contentment." 

Here are our books for the week. We had a lot of fun studying fish and starting our new Family Bible Devotional Book!! 

"Letter F is for Float" was our {Science Spotlight} for the week. 
A neat little lesson on how salt water effects things floating or sinking in water.

The girls most enjoyed playing with the salt and eating the peanuts, LOL:)

We had so much fun making these little "aquariums in a cup". We just used blue jello and
put some gummy candied fish in them. The girls had a fun time playing with them---no, they will not be eaten:)

Em really liked seeing her little fish--she is SUCH an animal LOVER!!

Now, this was a really cute craft the girls absolutely LOVED making!!
We simply took a strawberry container and made an aquarium out of it--so easy and so cute!!

 Elle cut and glued on the blue paper for the water.

 The girls had fun decorating their fish (a lot like the Rainbow Fish from our book).

For our Circle Time Song, Elle wanted to lead the "5 Little Fishy" Song--she did an AMAZING job (*tear*-she is such a big girl now)!!

 F is for FITNESS!! I really try to incorporate fitness and healthy eating as a part 
of our family's lifestyle. Elle is enrolled in a local homechool gym class here and LOVES going! 
We all have fun going early and running around to get some much-needed exercise!

 Even though Elle is the youngest in the class, she really has no problem jumping 
right in with the bigger kids (ages 5-9) and having fun!!
If the game is getting too much for her, she simply takes a break and resumes the class when she is comfortable. The Coach has been wonderful with helping 
her feel comfortable and welcomed!!

The girls working on our Letter F drawer items from our Alphabet Box.

 F is for...flag, fridge, foot, flip flops, fire truck, five, french fries,
frog, fruit, fence, four and fish!

Gosh, where did our little girl go???
It seems like yesterday that we were here...

Here Elle is at 2 yrs old reading a book (please let me know if you cannot see the video).

The girls favorite book this week was "Rainbow Fish." What a remarkable story about a fish who learned to be happy by giving away his most prized possessions!

We also studied rainbows and their colors. Remember ROYGBIV? LOL. 

The girls had a lot of fun catching a rainbow in a bowl.
It is a simple science experiment using milk, food coloring and dish soap.
Check out more info here.

Elle had a lot of fun matching the pictures to the farm animal words. I made this
game with my laminator--love it!!

F is for fish---Em couldn't finish  putting her goldfish on the paper-
she HAD to eat them, LMBO!!

 Elle is learning about fractions. I made this pizza slice game to make it a fun lesson!

 Elle working on a fractions worksheet.

 I LOVE how seriously Em (29 mos) enjoys writing!
She is getting really good at writing letters.
Check out her e's!!

 F is for furbabies--we love our doggies:)

 F is for friendship necklaces--the girls made these this week.

 Elle working on some math.
 Let's Count it Jesse Bear book---I had her match up the numbers
to the counting bears we have.
 F is for fitness and FUN!! The girls love jumping in our bounce house and
now that CHRISTmas is over, there is finally room for it again in our family room:)

 Em's favorite reading spot:)
F is for fish---we studied Jonah in the Bible and Elle
wanted to make a book about Jonah.

Em making her wooden animals all "fancy." LOL.
And, finally F is for FANCY FRIDAY!
The girls enjoyed getting all fancy for dinner:)
 From our girls to all of you!!! THANK You!!


Jackie Higgins said...

I love the aquarium!! Praying for your health to return. It's so hard being a mom and being under the weather. There is never enough time to take care of ourselves, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have been a busy lady. I love your homeschooling style so fun and hands on. Thank you for sharing your Ideas with us.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Prayers are with you! I know how hard it can be to balance and how rough it can be on your body to get up so frequently in the night to nurse. Hang in there and be sure to make time for YOU! Although, I always love your posts. I would rather see you 100% healthy!

Great week (as always). I adore the aquarium craft and such a fabulous way to recycle too! Also really like th salt vs fresh water idea.

Take care, Kerri

Jackie Higgins said...

Ok, I had to make an aquarium with my little ones too. I posted about it today and linked back to you. TY

3G=Growing Godly Girlz said...

Jackie!! Thank you so much for your kind comment and for linking back to us!! Your aquarium turned out GREAT! I love the tissue paper idea:) Bravo!

Our Family for His Glory said...

Aria, I am so sorry to hear about your ribs! I will be praying that you feel better quickly!
You are doing such a great job with your girls- you have so many wonderful ideas & they seem to be really enjoying their time learning with you- how fun!! :) I look forward to sharing some of our Heart of Dakota experiences with you!
Have a wonderful evening- praying you will get some much needed rest!


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