Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All about Hearts & Love~2012

For Valentine's Day, we focused on love. The love of God and the love in our family 
and the world. 
We had a lot of fun!
Our library books for the week.

Ce Ce {20 months} sorting hearts by color. 

We made these heart-shaped crayons. The girls love using them!! 
You can see the tutorial here.
Ce Ce scooping conversation hearts.
One of our Bible Verses for the week.

Red Valentine's day homemade play dough.

Of course, the love of Jesus is the best love of all!
I put together this Valentine's Day play dough tray. I used an old chocolate candy tray, a heart-shaped cookie cutter and chocolate homemade play dough.
I modified this recipe by adding a couple packets of instant hot chocolate---it worked perfectly!
The girls LOVE this activity!!

The girls role played delivering the chocolates to the nursing home:)
I think it is time for us to make another visit to the nursing home.

I made a very special Valentine's Day dinner for my wonderful husband. 
We made heart-shaped cupcakes for our homeschool Valentine's party.
It was so simple-just insert a marble in the baking pan. 
I took the cupcakes and let the kids frost and decorate them at the party. 
It was a huge hit!

Some of the kids in our homeschool group. 
We really enjoyed the Valentine's Day party!

We made french toast with powdered sugar hearts on top:)
I made a potato into a heart stamp. 
The girls loved using the potato to stamp red, glittery hearts.

We have always used Baby Sign Language.
This craft shows how to say "I love you" in Sign Language.
Jesus loves you and so do I!

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Mrs Mar said...

Have you hurd of the book, guess how much I love you. My kids LOVE that book.

Looks like you had another fun week.


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