Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our 5 Senses Lessons and the Human Body!

The girls did an extensive study on the 5 senses and the human body. It is always fun to be able to incorporate their primary interests into our homeschool studies!!!

Our Bible Verse was "Taste and see that the Lord is good!" {I must've forgotten to take a picture of it!}

Our library books for this unit. So much fun stuff to learn about this week!!!
Elle making a cut out picture of herself.
We had a lot of fun studying our sense of smell!!!
The girls had a wonderful time smelling all of the different spices!
Spice painting! I just made a mixture of glue and water and let the girls paint on white butcher paper taped to the kitchen table. They LOVED it! This covered sight and smell all in one:)
Elle LOVED painting with the spices!
Also, for the sense of smell, I made these smelling cups. I put peanut butter, marshmallows, popcorn, onion and chocolate into the cups, covered them with foil and punched holes on the top so the smell would come through.
The girls made charts to record their guesses. I didn't let them see what was in the cups before guessing. They guessed what was in each one and had so much fun drawing or writing their guesses. 
Some of the things really surprised them when they opened up the foil-like the onions:)
Learning about the various types of tastes your tongue recognizes. Sour, sweet, salty and bitter.
Of course, sweet was their favorite!

Grinding spices-they loved doing this work! Sight, smell and touch covered here!
We also did a fun exercise where we popped fresh popcorn from kernels. I had the girls look at it, smell it and feel it and describe what they observed using as many words as they could come up with. They also listened as we popped it to determine what that sound was like.
Then, Elle recorded their answers on our sensory details worksheet! I was impressed with their vocabulary!
For the sense of touch, I made a "mystery box" out of an old shoe box. Covered it with butcher paper (my Mother-In-Law helped with this:) and cut a hole for the girls to reach into it.

I would ask the girls to use words to describe what they feel. They would say it was "bumpy, hard, smooth, soft, fluffy, small, large, squishy," etc. Then, I would have them guess what was in it. They had so much fun with this game!

 I also put together these sensory balloons. I filled each one with various items I had around the house. Examples: Rice, lentils, beans, play dough, mini diamonds, beads, popcorn kernels, etc. Then, I had the girls match up the balloons that felt the same. {I made two balloons with the same fillers for each filler}. 
They LOVED this activity and kept bringing it back out, BUT their FAVORITE were the play dough filled balloons!!!!! By far!! They LOVED squishing them!
For the sense of touch, I also designed these sensory tiles. I simply glued and/or stapled various items with different textures to cardboard squares. The girls really enjoyed the various sensations they picked up from each. {Tissue paper, cotton, lentils, shower mat, sandpaper, and a produce bag.}
We played a game where the girls had to only feel the sensory tiles with their feet. I made them into "stepping stones" and the girls had to jump from one to the next after describing how each tile felt under their feet! It was a blast!!
Even the baby LOVED the sensory tiles!
We also had a lot of fun playing with sandpaper and yarn. The yarn would stick to the sandpaper and the girls had a ball making creative designs. Ce Ce discovered that pompoms would stick, too and had a lot of fun with those:)!
 {Sense of Sight}. We also made a really cool marble run using a swim noodle I got at the dollar store. I simply cut it in half and the girls spent tons of time racing each other!
They would switch sides to see if one was faster than the other, LOL.

{Sense of Sight}. I also used some blue painter's tape to put shapes on the carpet. I then had the girls race around the house to find different things that matched each shape. They had so much fun running around and placing things in each shape!!!!

The Human Body
Elle LOVES studying about the human body! She picked out his anatomy book from the library, and reads it
Right now, she says she is interested in becoming an Obstetrician. We shall see..
And, of course, Elle still LOVES watching youtube videos of surgical procedures-especially cesarian sections. 
Em loves playing with our anatomy puzzle. It is a 5-layer puzzle with each body system. The girls have affectionately named her Kaylin.
Em loves "reading" this book to her baby sister!
Elle favorite shirt--with a skeleton and heart on it:).
Em working on her flipping skills with a spatula and numbered bean bags. She also put them in numerical order, stacked them and tossed them to her sister.
Sense of hearing----music class!

Em's "God made me special" book.
Em told me what God made her of. So cute;)

Elle working on her 3-Dimensional shapes.
Elle working on her surgery skills, lol.
Elle designed a skeleton using q-tips! She had so much fun doing this activity!!
Em and Elle's body parts worksheets.
Em looking in the mirror to make her self-portrait.
Elle working on her 5 senses mini-book.
Elle's human body and 5 senses lapbook.
Our pretty princesses:)

Em working on her spelling skills. She really liked playing this one!
Yes, God made you very special:)!
 Our silly Em. I asked her to go get her shoes on so that we could leave for Homeschool Gym class and THIS is what she did:-). All I could do was laugh and grab my camera, of course!

And, finally, my very best part of homeschooling. Receiving random notes/cards from Elle. This one said "You are 39" on the front. I guess she remembered I just had a birthday, LOL.  This really made me smile!!!!


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