Monday, November 8, 2010

{Science Spotlight} Rubber Egg, and Cool Milk Trick!

We LOVE science experiments in our homeschool! Coupled with some really good books and our girls are really happy;)
Here are a few of the recent experiments we have enjoyed!

First up, is making a Rubber Egg. This is a fun and super-simple chemistry experiment. 

Just simply submerge a raw egg in a jar or glass of vinegar and let it sit for 3-4 days.

 Here are the girls comparing the rubber egg to a raw egg from the fridge.

After several days, the egg will expand, the shell will have been dissolved away
and the consistency of the egg will now be really rubbery and squishy. 
This was a really neat little experiment. You can also do this with a hard boiled egg and compare and contrast the results. If the egg is boiled first, it will actually bounce on the floor like a rubber ball! We'll have to do that next time;)

Up next, we found these really cool milk trick on Youtube! They have a lot of really neat science experiments on there you can try!

We did a basic lesson on density during this milk trick.
I don't think our milk did as many tricks because we only use 
Organic rice milk which is a bit watery, compared to the whole milk used in the experiment.  We will have to try it again near Thanksgiving when we have some leftover half-and-half.

I couldn't get picks of Em doing it for fear of having her pour it out 
everywhere while I wasn't looking;-) 


kewkew said...

That egg experiment sounds like something I did back when I was in school, but I couldn't remember exactly how we did it. I think we will try that one.
The book I am planning to use when I get more organized is Science Is Simple by Peggy Ashbrook. It has over 250 activities for preschoolers. The science experiments have objectives listed, different activities that if done in sequence build on one another, follow up activities and books to read

kewkew said...

Wow, thanks for sharing the info about the science experiments on YouTube. I am hooked.


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