Monday, October 8, 2012

"Cloud Dough" {Tutorial}

Our children LOVE playing with messy crafts!! 
We usually try to do a Messy Monday craft.

~~Here is a little poem I have posted before and try to keep in mind whenever I have the daunting task of cleaning up after a very "Messy Monday!" LOL.~~


As I sit and watch him play
I'm fully there in every way
A pour, a stir, a splish, a splash
I'm witnessing a joyful bash
Mistakes are made, and even praised 
He problem solves, my child’s amazed
Through play he learns of his self-worth
Something I’ve instilled since birth
No shame, no correction, just free to discover
The wonders of this world he will uncover
The day is done, his hands are red
There’s sand and shaving cream on his head
A passerby stares in dismay
“Oh Dear, why does he look that way?”
I smile with pride, and the comfort of knowing
That all this “mess” is helping his growing
From blue toenails to purple knees
I smile at my child.....who is so PLEASED.


This week, we made Cloud Dough again.
It is really simple. 
Cloud Dough
8 cups flour
1 cup Baby Oil (we like the lavender scented kind)
Just mix it together for 5 minutes and, voila!
Messy Monday Funday!

Be a blessing,

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